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Privacy Policy | Always Here Online Tutors

Always Here Online Tutors is fully committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of people who visit our website. In this policy, you will find the details of how we handle your data.

Always Here Online Tutors treats your personal information in accordance with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

Please go through our privacy policy to gain a better understanding of how personal data is collected, used, protected and handled by us. By using our website, you agree to us using the cookies according to our privacy policy.

Website Visitors

Always Here Online Tutors collects non-personal information that is made available by web browsers and servers. This includes browser type, visiting date and time, referring site and language preferences. We collect this information to understand how visitors use our website.

Apart from non-personal information, we also collect certain personal information such as IP addresses. However, we do not disclose this information and we don’t use it to identify our visitors, unless in special circumstances as described below.

Collecting Personal Information

Always Here Online Tutors may collect any personal data that you provide to us on our website which can potentially be used to identify a specific individual. This includes your name, account information, email address and demographic information. We may also collect your payment information, including credit card account information when you make payments through our website.

We allow our visitors to create an online profile on our website. We may collect all personal information from your online profile, including your photograph, your work history and academic history, your activities and interests and your use of our website and our service. Some of your profile information may be visible to third parties. We may also make your profile information accessible through APIs and apps and your profile may also be indexed and displayed by search engines. We cannot control how search engines update their indexes so your profile information may still be available on search engines
even after you discontinue using our website.

We may also collect personal information that is provided to us by third parties. Our service allows you to interact with third party websites or services. Such interactions may collect your IP address and other personal information. Your interaction with any third party will be governed by the privacy policy of the company providing the interaction.

Always Here Online Tutors also uses web beacons and cookies to track the usage and the activities of our services. You will be required to allow cookies to use our service properly. If you disable cookies, some features and functions of our website may not be available to you. While you won’t enjoy an efficient experience in such a case, you can still access and use our website.

Using personal information

Always Here Online Tutors may use personal data to personalize our services for you. Your information may be used to administer our business and our service, send invoices and statements, send and receive payments and send marketing and non marketing communication. You can opt out of our marketing and non-marketing communication by informing us.

We may also use personal information to deal with complaints or enquiries made about you or by you on matters related to our online tutoring service. We do our best to keep our website secure, to be compliant and to prevent fraud. This may include monitoring the messages that are sent through our website.

When you offer information to us, we will only use or publish your information according to the license that you grant us.

Our payment partners manage all financial transactions on our website. We will share your data with our payment partners only for payment processing. Please review our payment service providers’ privacy policy to understand how they handle your personal information.

Disclosing personal information

Always Here Online Tutors may disclose your data to our employees, advisors, suppliers and subcontractors and any member of our group of companies as per the reasons set in this policy.

We may divulge your personal data if the law or legal proceedings require us to do so. This may happen if we are to establish, defend or exercise our rights legally or if a third party purchases our business assets. In this regard, we may reveal personal information to courts and other competent authorities as required.

Always Here Online Tutors works with several third parties including advertising agencies and network advertisers and analytics service providers. We may share personal usage information with such third parties to offer personalized services on our website. Also, third parties may also use cookies and web beacons to collect or access your personal information.

Except as mentioned in this policy, Always Here Online Tutors will not disclose your personal data to third parties.

Securing personal information

Always Here Online Tutors is fully committed to the security of your personal data. We take reasonable organisational and technical safeguards to prevent the misuse or loss of your information.

We store all data that you provide on secure servers with firewall and password protection. All financial transactions that you make on our website are completely protected with encryption technology.

We do not guarantee the security of data sent across the internet as transmission of internet data is insecure inherently.

You will be solely responsible for the confidentiality of your password and account information. We do not require you to give us your password, except when you log in to our website.


We may amend, change or update our privacy policy at any point in time. Please review this page on an occasional basis to ensure that you are updated of any changes we make to our policy. We may also notify you of any policy changes made via email.

Have any questions or comments about our privacy policy? Please feel free to contact us.